Mom and I went on a super long walk yesterday.  We must’ve walked four miles.  Which was sweet because she started a new job and now leaves me home all  day by myself.  What a drag.  (She hates it too, truth be told.)  She owes me a long walk on the weekend, and it was a beautiful day.  The long walk wore mom out, so we had to go home so she could rest.

After she rested we went to the grocery store.  Actually, mom went to the grocery store and she left me in the car.  😦  But then we got to do something really cool, that I’ve never done before.  We stopped at a house where mom has always bought her pumpkins, and she let me help!

We walked around the pallets of pumpkins and I got to get up on the pallets and knock some of the pumpkins off the pallets.  What a cool place!  There were some kids there too that thought I was the cutest dog ever, which I am.

This one's not quite right, Mom, but it smells good.

Aw geez, do you HAVE to take a picture?

Ok, fine, but this is the ONLY time I pose for a picture, got that?