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We went to Grandma’s house!

Mom’s not smart enough to take pictures of me chasing rabbits or squirrels.  But mom is good enough to alert me when squirrels or rabbits are in Grandma’s yard.   Every time I’m lounging in the house on the cool carpet mom seems to come up with the “look” command and off I go chasing some phantom squirrel or rabbit that mom insists was there not two minutes before.

I love Grandma’s house because there are so many more squirrels and rabbits to chase than here.  Here they all know me.  We don’t go to Grandma’s house often enough for them to figure out that I am after them.

But I WILL get those squirrels and rabbits!




Pumpkin Hunting!

Mom and I went on a super long walk yesterday.  We must’ve walked four miles.  Which was sweet because she started a new job and now leaves me home all  day by myself.  What a drag.  (She hates it too, truth be told.)  She owes me a long walk on the weekend, and it was a beautiful day.  The long walk wore mom out, so we had to go home so she could rest.

After she rested we went to the grocery store.  Actually, mom went to the grocery store and she left me in the car.  😦  But then we got to do something really cool, that I’ve never done before.  We stopped at a house where mom has always bought her pumpkins, and she let me help!

We walked around the pallets of pumpkins and I got to get up on the pallets and knock some of the pumpkins off the pallets.  What a cool place!  There were some kids there too that thought I was the cutest dog ever, which I am.

This one's not quite right, Mom, but it smells good.

Aw geez, do you HAVE to take a picture?

Ok, fine, but this is the ONLY time I pose for a picture, got that?

Mom on her behind! BOL!

Yesterday was a sight to see.  I missed it, because I was running, but mom told me all about it.  Oh boy did she tell me all about it.

I’m a chicken by nature.  Let’s face it, loud noises are scary, right?  Admit it, you think loud noises are scary too.  Anyway, there’s a park in our town that let’s us, dogs that is, be off leash.  Cool, right?  Except, there are loud noises there like guns and slamming car doors.  Why subject myself to the fright?  I don’t care if Halloween is just a couple weeks away, I don’t like scary noises.

Anyway, mom tried to get me out of the car at this park with loud noises, but I wasn’t having any of it.  Then she spotted my friends Lucy, Toby, and Gracie, and their mom Tina.  Alright, so I admit it, I got kinda excited when I saw them.  It took some coaxing by mom, Tina, and Gracie, but I finally got out of the car.

Boy am I glad I did!  Gracie is so much fun to run around with!  We had a blast.  But the best part was when Gracie knocked mom on her behind.  Literally.

We were running and having more fun than any dogs deserve when Gracie ran full on to the back of mom’s legs.  She never saw her coming.  It was just like a cartoon!  Gracie plowed into the back of mom’s legs, mom’s legs went straight up in the air, and she plopped right down on her behind.  Lucy, and then Toby, had to of course find out why mom was sitting on the ground, and smeared her glasses with nose goo.  Ha ha ha!  I was too busy running so Gracie could try to catch me.  As if.

Here’s a picture of Gracie.  Doesn’t she look sweet?  Yeah, let me tell you, she’s got some power behind her!  Next time she and I are running around mom is keeping a close eye on her, that’s for sure!

Our Morning Walk

Mom wasn’t feeling well yesterday so she slept almost all day.  Then, in the evening she tried to make me go for a walk.  I wasn’t going to have anything to do with that!  She leashed me up, we walked out onto the front porch, and I stood my ground!  I did not budge off that porch!

And I thought that was the end of it.  We went inside, she unclipped the leash from my collar and then… she… LEFT WITHOUT ME!  She went for a walk all by herself!!!  Yes, she left me home alone and went for a walk!  Geesh, the nerve of that woman!

So today I got back at her.  This morning when she put the leash on me, and opened the front door, and we stepped onto the porch– I followed her off the porch!  Yep, mom and I went for a walk together today.

We strolled toward the open end of the dead end street on which we live.  I stopped at the next door neighbor’s house to water their flowers.  I know they appreciated that.  Then I stopped at the house next to that because there was this overwhelming odor of cat that had to be investigated.  We went around the corner, waited at the stop light for the red hand of the walk light to turn to the white picture of the person in mid stride, then turned the corner again because there are cats and squirrels to smell on that street.

After we’d gone about a half a block I decided it was time to turn around and go home, but mom wouldn’t hear of it.  She urged me on, and because I was still getting my revenge on her for leaving me home yesterday I let her think she’d convinced me to keep walking today.  Good thing I did too, because there was a black squirrel taunting me in a yard just a few houses up the block.  It walked along a wood driveway barrier– the kind of wood you see between railroad tracks.  Then it stopped, looked at me, walked some more, looked at me.  I would’ve gotten him but mom wouldn’t let me chase him.  She says I can’t run wild in the neighborhood.  Geesh mom!

When we got to the next corner we turned again to walk alongside the busy street.  I wanted to cross the busy street but mom said no.  There was too much traffic.  Five of semi trucks roared by all right in a row and I started getting anxious.  Mom could tell I was nervous because I started yawning.  That’s how I tell her I’m scared.  We kept going though because I knew that when we got to the next corner we’d be headed home.

There was much to smell on the way home.  I wandered through yards while mom tried to get me to stay on the sidewalk.  I smelled every fence post we came across.  I hunted for squirrels but didn’t see any.

It was a lovely walk all in all, despite the noisy traffic and mom not letting me chase that squirrel.  Maybe I’ll let her take me again this evening.  Mom’s hoping so anyway.


The Dog Days of Summer

I haven’t been here on the blog much.  Not much to say.  Nothing to say as a matter of fact.

It’s summertime here.  Mom has on the air conditioning to ward off the humidity.  Sometimes I like to lie in the sun, but mostly I enjoy the air conditioning inside.

We walk about once every other day.  I have high anxiety when it comes to being out in public.  The noise gets to me.  But, eventually I get bored of being only in the house or 0ut in the yard and I consent to a walk.  We go around the block or we go to a path alongside a railroad track called Rails to Trails.  Mom tries to make me walk more often than I am willing.  I think she misses our twice daily walks, but for now I’m more comfortable in the safety of our home.  The 4th of July firecrackers have mostly stopped, so I don’t feel under attack so much.

I have a 15 year old cat-sister named Molly.  Mom laughs because Molly is the queen of the household.  Molly knows she was here first and deserves ultimate accolades and attention.  Me?  I defer to her, though I do want my own way.  Who says I’m any less because I’m 10 years younger?

So that’s the story of our summertime days.  Mostly we play at night when it’s cooler.  I like to sleep during the day.  When I’m up at night it’s playtime as far as I’m concerned.

A Letter To My Mom

Dear Mom,

I’m not walking and you can’t make me.

You can stand outside the car at the park and try all you want to draw my attention to the geese on the lake shore, but I’m not chasing those geese.  That requires leaving the safety of the car and I’m not doing that.

You can take me to as many different parks as you like and I’m not getting out of the car.

You can stand at the bottom of the front porch steps and try to coax me off the porch but I’m not budging.  I know I used to love taking out the trash with you, but now I hate it.  Taking out the trash requires going outside and I’m not doing it.

I know this behavior confuses and worries you, and if I could speak English I would explain it all to you.  For now you’ll just have to trust me that I know what I’m doing.  There are loud noises outside and those noises scare me.  Grandma’s neighborhood is quieter.  Let’s go there more often so I can lie in her backyard and watch for rabbits and squirrels.  I will walk the sidewalks of Grandma’s neighborhood.  I will walk the track at the Rec. Center.  I will be the dog you always knew and loved if you’ll just get me out of this noisy town.

With Love,



  Here in America the time has rolled around to celebrate our nation’s birthday.  That means parades, picnics, time with family and FIRECRACKERS.

Firecrackers are nothing but noise makers, and frankly they scare the beejeezus out of me.

In our neighborhood the firecracker fanaticism starts the first week of June.  It’ll continue for another couple of weeks after the 4th.  Usually they’re heard at dusk, but today, about an hour ago, in the middle of the afternoon, the neighbors behind us got out the rockets and the M80s and their lighter.  I’m still in hiding!

Mom has read a couple of things on line about what to do to protect or help your dog when it comes to loud noises.  One suggestion was some ridiculous natural oil or something, which totally isn’t available in a small town like ours.  There are “shirts”, and towels, and beds, and tricks to desensitizing dogs.  Look it up online.  There are tons of suggestions.

My favorite way of dealing?  I hide behind mom’s chair.  There’s a nine or so inch gap between her recliner and the wall and I squeeze my big body in there.  When I get tired of that I move to the bathroom.  But that’s no so comfortable a spot, so then I move to the gap between the side of the couch and the wall.  A small, covered space works best.

Now that the neighbors have the noise makers out, and the motorcycles are rumbling on the streets, and the ever present ambulance and police sirens are going (for a small town, there sure are a lot of sirens around here!) mom knows she won’t be able to get me out for a walk today.  I won’t do it.  It’s too loud outside our quiet house and there’s nothing that’s going to make me leave it.

Stay safe everyone, this holiday season.  And take cover because the noise might get you!  😉


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Grandma’s House!

We’re home!  And boy oh boy am I glad to be here.

Two days ago (Sunday, so says Mom) we went to Grandma’s.  I had such a great time there that day.  I chased squirrels, rabbits, and birds.  I lazed around in her backyard keeping a watchful eye out for all those nasty critters.  I’m sure my grandma appreciated it.  I thought things were going great, until…

Then came Monday morning.  Mom got up super early Monday morning, which I thought was weird, but I went with the flow and spent the early morning out in the yard.  Life was great.  Then mom made me come in.  I didn’t want to.  The air was cool and fresh and the rabbits were out in abundance.  Just as soon as I obeyed her command to come in, she left me!

She and grandma were gone for a very, very long time.  I mean a VERY long time.  Like, ALL DAY!  It was just getting light out when they left, and it was full dark when they came home!  Geesh! I was sure mom was very, very mad at me since she left me all day.  I was so sure in fact that when she tried several times to make me go outside and go potty when they came back I went and hid in Grandma’s room.  And there was NO WAY I was going to eat supper!

But I got mom back.  At two o’clock in the morning I woke mom up with a bark.  She was so startled she jumped a foot off the bed and her heart raced so much she thought she was going to have a heart attack!  HA!  She let me go outside, and I stayed out there for three hours while she watched TV.  Being outside in the night air was wonderful and I really loved it.  Finally I decided she’d had enough and I came back inside so she could go back to bed.

Today, Tuesday, I spent most of the day outside.  Mom must have felt really guilty for leaving me home all day Monday because she and Grandma took me for three walks.  We played outside, and she made me a good supper, and I chased rabbits, and it was a great day.  Finally we came home, and I sure am glad to be here.

Mom can’t figure out how to get a picture of me and Grandma off the memory card (gawd she’s such a dunce), otherwise I’d post it for you.  If she can figure out how to do it I’ll add it to this post.  Until then, take my word for it, my Grandma is AWESOME.  And now I’m going to bed, because I’m tired from that long couple of days at Grandmas.  Tomorrow is a new day!  🙂

Ok, so no one took me up on my challenge from last week, to submit a video showing off your fancy tricks.  That’s ok.  It was fun to try.

Instead of seeing contest submissions, click this link to see what a really obedient dog can do.  Seriously, click the link.  You won’t be sorry.

Otto and the Ice

This is a story told to my mom by the mother of my Fox Terrier buddies Toby and Lucy.  Their mom is named Tina.

Lake Erie is a vast, cold lake covering 9,940 square miles between the US and Canada.  During the winter, during especially cold winters, the lake will freeze.  Being that it’s 62 feet at its deepest, it isn’t often that the whole lake is completely frozen, so winter explorers have to be careful.  It isn’t unusual for snowmobile-rs and ice fishermen to become stranded on an ice floe, or even fall through cracked ice.

Tina used to live on the shore of Lake Erie and would often walk out onto the frozen lake with her dog, Otto.  Otto was a great big German Sheppard with a soft brown coat of thick fur.  He was a good dog.  He’d wander the neighborhood while Tina was away at work, but always returned home by the time she arrived home.  In the summer time they would go out in the boat together or fish from the dock at their lake.

One afternoon Tina and Otto set off across the ice for what was, for them, a typical walk.  The weather had been fine; not brutally cold, nor especially warm.  Typical grey clouds created a low ceiling overhead, but otherwise the weather was perfect for a stroll.

Suddenly the ice cracked under Tina’s feet.  Otto immediately dropped to his belly and slid backwards, pushing with his front paws across the ice.  Tina stood stock still, watching him until he finally got back up on four paws.  Taking her cue from Otto, Tina slid her feet backward, slowly, along the ice until she too was on a safer surface.

Otto was a pretty smart dog, and he probably saved both their lives that day, by simply following his instincts– instincts humans are sometimes aren’t smart enough to take much heed of.



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