Yesterday was a sight to see.  I missed it, because I was running, but mom told me all about it.  Oh boy did she tell me all about it.

I’m a chicken by nature.  Let’s face it, loud noises are scary, right?  Admit it, you think loud noises are scary too.  Anyway, there’s a park in our town that let’s us, dogs that is, be off leash.  Cool, right?  Except, there are loud noises there like guns and slamming car doors.  Why subject myself to the fright?  I don’t care if Halloween is just a couple weeks away, I don’t like scary noises.

Anyway, mom tried to get me out of the car at this park with loud noises, but I wasn’t having any of it.  Then she spotted my friends Lucy, Toby, and Gracie, and their mom Tina.  Alright, so I admit it, I got kinda excited when I saw them.  It took some coaxing by mom, Tina, and Gracie, but I finally got out of the car.

Boy am I glad I did!  Gracie is so much fun to run around with!  We had a blast.  But the best part was when Gracie knocked mom on her behind.  Literally.

We were running and having more fun than any dogs deserve when Gracie ran full on to the back of mom’s legs.  She never saw her coming.  It was just like a cartoon!  Gracie plowed into the back of mom’s legs, mom’s legs went straight up in the air, and she plopped right down on her behind.  Lucy, and then Toby, had to of course find out why mom was sitting on the ground, and smeared her glasses with nose goo.  Ha ha ha!  I was too busy running so Gracie could try to catch me.  As if.

Here’s a picture of Gracie.  Doesn’t she look sweet?  Yeah, let me tell you, she’s got some power behind her!  Next time she and I are running around mom is keeping a close eye on her, that’s for sure!