Mom wasn’t feeling well yesterday so she slept almost all day.  Then, in the evening she tried to make me go for a walk.  I wasn’t going to have anything to do with that!  She leashed me up, we walked out onto the front porch, and I stood my ground!  I did not budge off that porch!

And I thought that was the end of it.  We went inside, she unclipped the leash from my collar and then… she… LEFT WITHOUT ME!  She went for a walk all by herself!!!  Yes, she left me home alone and went for a walk!  Geesh, the nerve of that woman!

So today I got back at her.  This morning when she put the leash on me, and opened the front door, and we stepped onto the porch– I followed her off the porch!  Yep, mom and I went for a walk together today.

We strolled toward the open end of the dead end street on which we live.  I stopped at the next door neighbor’s house to water their flowers.  I know they appreciated that.  Then I stopped at the house next to that because there was this overwhelming odor of cat that had to be investigated.  We went around the corner, waited at the stop light for the red hand of the walk light to turn to the white picture of the person in mid stride, then turned the corner again because there are cats and squirrels to smell on that street.

After we’d gone about a half a block I decided it was time to turn around and go home, but mom wouldn’t hear of it.  She urged me on, and because I was still getting my revenge on her for leaving me home yesterday I let her think she’d convinced me to keep walking today.  Good thing I did too, because there was a black squirrel taunting me in a yard just a few houses up the block.  It walked along a wood driveway barrier– the kind of wood you see between railroad tracks.  Then it stopped, looked at me, walked some more, looked at me.  I would’ve gotten him but mom wouldn’t let me chase him.  She says I can’t run wild in the neighborhood.  Geesh mom!

When we got to the next corner we turned again to walk alongside the busy street.  I wanted to cross the busy street but mom said no.  There was too much traffic.  Five of semi trucks roared by all right in a row and I started getting anxious.  Mom could tell I was nervous because I started yawning.  That’s how I tell her I’m scared.  We kept going though because I knew that when we got to the next corner we’d be headed home.

There was much to smell on the way home.  I wandered through yards while mom tried to get me to stay on the sidewalk.  I smelled every fence post we came across.  I hunted for squirrels but didn’t see any.

It was a lovely walk all in all, despite the noisy traffic and mom not letting me chase that squirrel.  Maybe I’ll let her take me again this evening.  Mom’s hoping so anyway.