I haven’t been here on the blog much.  Not much to say.  Nothing to say as a matter of fact.

It’s summertime here.  Mom has on the air conditioning to ward off the humidity.  Sometimes I like to lie in the sun, but mostly I enjoy the air conditioning inside.

We walk about once every other day.  I have high anxiety when it comes to being out in public.  The noise gets to me.  But, eventually I get bored of being only in the house or 0ut in the yard and I consent to a walk.  We go around the block or we go to a path alongside a railroad track called Rails to Trails.  Mom tries to make me walk more often than I am willing.  I think she misses our twice daily walks, but for now I’m more comfortable in the safety of our home.  The 4th of July firecrackers have mostly stopped, so I don’t feel under attack so much.

I have a 15 year old cat-sister named Molly.  Mom laughs because Molly is the queen of the household.  Molly knows she was here first and deserves ultimate accolades and attention.  Me?  I defer to her, though I do want my own way.  Who says I’m any less because I’m 10 years younger?

So that’s the story of our summertime days.  Mostly we play at night when it’s cooler.  I like to sleep during the day.  When I’m up at night it’s playtime as far as I’m concerned.