This whole get stick thing is getting pretty old.  I don’t know why Mom won’t just give me all the treats she has in that bowl she’s hoarding.

If you’ve been following along, so far mom has gotten me to associate the words “get stick” with treats, has introduced a stick into the process, and gotten me to move it.  Now I’m supposed to hunt the stick down and pick it up.  But I don’t wanna!

This video makes that pretty clear.  All I want to do is eat the treats in the bowl, and I’m being pretty stubborn about it.  Mom is being just as stubborn and won’t give me any.  Geesh!  I think long and hard about it and finally give in.  I know, giving into the Dictator!  Mom sure is stingy about giving out those treats unless I do what she says.  But when I do, oh is life good!  She even tells me I’m a good boy!  I sure do love that.

Stay tuned tomorrow for an update of how I’m doing learning my job of picking up sticks in the backyard.  One day I’m going to be so good at this that I’ll be able to help mom out.  That would be nice for my mom I think.

In the meantime, leave a comment and let me know if you think I should have held out for the treats or if I was better off giving in to her demands.

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Happy Woofs to you!  🙂