Mom needs help.  Lots of help (furr sure!), but I can’t do lots of things.  I can sit, shake, lie down, come when called, and wait.  I’m real good at those things.  But mom doesn’t think those are so helpful around the house.  They make me a good dog, but they don’t do much for getting the chores done.  So, she’s decided that I need to help pick up sticks in the backyard.  But, she has to teach me.  I’m a good dog, but I don’t know everything!

We’ve been working on this for a while.  She’s no dog trainer, that’s furr sure!  In fact, when you view the video below you’ll see that.  You’ll also see that she’s no good with a camera.  She took this video on her cell phone camera, so the quality isn’t that good, plus she was too close to me.  Learning Get Stick is an up close and personal activity.

We started learning Get Stick over the winter, but didn’t have much success.  When we started again this spring she didn’t think about filming it, so this video is sort of a catch up on what we did at first.

She read a couple of books and a bunch of stuff online about how to train me on how to do stuff, and she started out real easy, just like the experts say.  First she put a treat (yum!) on the ground and said the words “get stick” every time I ate the treat.  I loved that because it meant I got lots of treats.  We did that a whole bunch of times.  I mean a whole bunch.  I loved that furr sure!  Mom says that doing this associated the words “get stick” with something good.  Doing it a bunch of times let my brain catch up and make the connection in my head.  Whatever that means.

Tomorrow we’ll post the next step in this whole really long process.

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