It’s been awfully hot here the last couple of days.  Mom decided to take me to the lake to cool off.  Which was great, because I did cool off, but we didn’t stay long.  The May Flies are out!  Eesh.  They are everywhere!  I couldn’t stand them buzzing my eyes, nor did I much tolerate the regular old flies biting me.  Mom was only too glad to leave when I took her back to the car after my swim and a brief smell around the park.

She took some pictures.  You’ll have to please excuse her finger.  The stupid phone maker put the camera lens right where she needs to hold onto the phone to push the OK button.  Why couldn’t they put it on the other end of the phone?

This is me wading around in the water.  Mom took off her sandals and followed me in because eventually I went out into the lake so deep it was almost to my neck.  The water was both warm and cool and felt oh so refreshing.

Mom’s finger got in this one.  Geesh!  Here I’m checking out the huge rocks that line the shore.  I think they’re limestone, but don’t quote me on that.  Nearby where we were there’s a large factory of some kind that has mountains of small rocks, like they harvest them or something.  In the fall they put barges out in the lake and pull cranefulls of muck and stuff from the bottom of the lake.  Someone probably knows what they’re doing but mom and I don’t; we just like to watch them work.

Again, disregard mom’s finger.  This is beautiful Lake Erie.  Waaaaaaay off in the distance is Cedar Point, the “Amazement Park”.  You can’t see it in this picture but you can see it from where we were standing when mom took this picture (barely).  It’s just to the right of the farthest peninsula of trees in the center of the photo.  Next time we go mom will try to get better pictures.

So that was our quick trip to the lake today.  Definitely worth the drive, even though we didn’t stay long.  I got all wet, which helped cool me off, and I came home covered with a healthy dose of Parfume de Dead Fish– mmmmmmmm.

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Stay cool everyone!