There was a tornado nearby here a couple of days ago.  Yeah, pretty scary.  No, really scary.  Fortunately we weren’t in the path of the tornado, but mom didn’t know that.  She gathered up a whole bunch of supplies and took Molly and me down to the basement.  Basically she was running around like a chicken with her head cut off while the sirens wailed outside.

It could’ve been too late.  As black and ominous as the skies were we could’ve been one of the unfortunate ones caught up in the funnel cloud.  It’s not where you want to be with no supplies ready when the storm hits.

As mom quickly realized, there’s not a darn thing you need during a tornado except shelter.  That, for us, is an easy one.  We have a basement.  It’s after the fact that you’re going to need stuff.  If the power goes out, if the house is destroyed, if public services are shut down, that’s when you’re going to need stuff.  That’s what you’re preparing for in the event of a tornado or other weather disaster.

Here is a list of things you’ll need.  These are things that you should have handy for you and your pets should you find yourself in a tornado.  It is important that you have these things either in the basement (or in your designated safety area) BEFORE the tornado strikes.  You don’t want to be running around collecting these things while the sirens are going off.  Mom learned this because it took soooo long to find Molly, the cat.  Not only did she have to find Molly but she had to gather up the things we needed.  This cut into precious time and put us at risk.

* First aid kit and essential medications for you and your pet(s)

* Water bowl and food dishes for your pets

* Battery-powered radio, flashlight, and extra batteries (candles too, so long as you can use them safely– and matches or a lighter).

* Canned food and manual can opener

* Bottled water

* Sturdy shoes and work gloves

* Written instructions on how to turn off your home’s utilities

Toys and treats are great, but the essentials during a tornado or other weather related disaster are food, water, and shelter.  Pretty much just imagine what you’ll need if you have no electricity, gas, or shelter, and what you’ll need in that circumstance to survive.  When you hear the tornado siren get to the basement or some area in which there are no windows.  At my grandma’s house we would go to the hallway, close the doors to the bedrooms and bathroom, and wait out the storm there.  Or we could chuck all the coats out of the coat closet and wait there.  Dogs are great because they will usually follow their people around, and do what they say, but cats and other critters will have to be harangued to be gotten to the safe place.  If you only have time to collect them you don’t have time to collect things like water, food, and medications.

This has been an abominable tornado season thus far.  Fortunately it is nearly over, but that doesn’t mean the risk of tornadoes is gone.  Get your kit together now to prevent a risky situation later.

In peace, safety, security, and with much love,