I am REALLY getting tired of talking about rain.  It seems like that’s all I ever tweet about.  And Mom and I have long discussions about planning our walks around thunderstorms.  And more often than not I come home from walks looking like a drowned rat.  A giant drowned rat.  That smells like wet dog.  But to be fair, it really has rained a lot.  As of yesterday we had rain 35 of the last 46 days for an accumulated grand total of 10″.  That’s a lot of water.

But today we were blessed with a dry morning and even a hint of sunshine.  There was one single, small patch of blue sky for about two and a half minutes today.  What a thing of beauty I tell you!  Taking advantage of the dry skies Mom went out to mow the lawn (boy oh boy is the grass high!), even though the grass was still wet.  Ya gotta do what ya gotta do when you can do it, right?  But, as usual, Mom couldn’t get the lawn mower started.  Of course not.  The lawn mower hates her.  So, she turned to the next project that has been long delayed by rain: getting the vegetable garden ready to plant.  I helped, ’cause, you know, someone needs to hold down the tarp.  🙂  We were soon chased inside by — guess what — more RAIN.  As we write there is a raging thunderstorm going on outside.  Looks like our evening walk is getting delayed ’til this moves past us.  😦

Hope your days are sunny and your are walks long!  🙂