I’ve just had an idea.

Yesterday mom posted a story here that she wouldn’t put in the book given the option, which I guess she has, but it would be too embarrassing for me anyway.  In fact, I’m pretty mortified that she put it on here, but she insisted, so there it is.  Anyway, my idea is that if there are any stories you would like to share, but don’t want to be included in the book, or maybe that aren’t long enough to put in the book but you still want to share, put them here.

Email your story to waterbowltales@yahoo.com with “Blog Story” in the subject line.  Either send it in a .doc or .pdf attachment, or just put it in the body of the email.  Mom will make sure it gets posted here.  Make sure to let us know what your name is (either your real name or your pen name) so we know who to put as the author of the story.

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