This is Oliver’s mom here reporting in on a dumb move… just so you can laugh at me.  🙂

We’ve had three straight days of solid, non-stop rain, which makes walking no fun, so we keep them short.  So this afternoon while Oliver was napping I put treats under Dixie cups so that when he woke up he could follow the trail and find them.  He loves this game, and it stimulates his brain, so it’s a good indoor activity for him.  But, he didn’t wake up from his nap before it was time for our evening walk.  In fact, I had to get him out of bed to go.  Rain makes him want to nap just like it does me.  🙂  We get back from our walk, and while I’m changing my clothes he discovers the Dixie cup game, and starts the hunt.  Fun!  Except now, he won’t eat his supper!

Duh mommy!  🙂