WOW!  I gained something like 120 Twitter followers literally over night!  Mom went to bed last night and we had 68 Twitter followers.  Not bad for our second day of being on Twitter.  This morning we have 189!  Amazing!  Awesome too.

We’ve already heard from a couple of people and dogs who like our idea, which we’re really excited about.  A couple of people have said they’re going to send in stories.  Can’t wait for that!!!  😀  And we’ve read a couple of blogs that our followers have written and learned some really great stuff.  Like, did you know some dogs ACT?  Like, they’re in plays and stuff!  Mom loves working in Community Theater and she says she’d like me to start acting in plays too.  I don’t know though, I’m kinda shy.

Anyway, very excited about Twitter and getting followers and stuff.  If you want to follow us search for @waterbowltales and you should be able to find us.

Also, if you’re on Facebook, like us at  I think that should get you there.  I don’t know.  Mom is kinda dumb when it comes to technology.  Stupid mom.  Ooops, hope she didn’t hear me say that!

Don’t forget to check the About page (click the tab in the top left corner of this page you’re looking at right now) and read all about our project.  Ever want to write a story and have it published?  Are you a published writer, but want to write outside your genre without writing an entire novel?  Do you just really love your pet and want to tell a story about it?  We’re here to help.  🙂

Twitter on Tweeps!  😉