My name is Oliver!

Aren’t I cute?  Ok, so there’s no picture up yet, but I’m going to get mom to take me outside now and snap a really good one.  I’ll make her post it here for you after our walk.

I’m a dog.  Yep.  I’m five years old.  I live with my mom and my sister Molly.  She’s a cat.  Blah.  But we get along good, except when she eats my food!  I get real sad when she does that.  I know better than to do anything.  I wait until she’s done and then have my fill.  She doesn’t eat much, so it’s no big deal.  (I get her back and lick her plate when she’s done with her food!  HA!)

I like to play with my soccer ball and chase squirrels and I especially like to chase deer!  (But mom doesn’t like when I do that.)  Let’s see, what else about me?  Oh, I know.  I am really scared of loud noises.  Mom takes me to a park and all around us people are either shooting off guns or the trains are making really loud bangs and clanks.  Dumb people.  Thunder doesn’t bother me unless we’re outside.  Yesterday mom waited until the storm was over to take me for a walk, and wouldn’t you know we get halfway around the lake and there’s more thunder!  Geesh.

So what’s with Water Bowl Tales, you’re probably wondering?  Well, I like to collect stories I hear around the water bowl.  I want to hear all kinds of stories– stories about dogs, about cats, about lizards (lizards are cool!).  You know, send me stories about how your dog saved your life (literally or figuratively– someday I’ll tell you the story about how I saved my mom’s life), or about dogs and weddings, or about when you brought a new baby into the family (human or with paws!), or, well, any kind of story.  I’ll have mom explain it better in another post.  Someday mom and I are going to put all these stories in a book.  Yep, you could be a published author if you send me your stories!

Ok, time to get mom off the stupid computer and go outside to play!  I’m so excited.  Check in often and we’ll tell you more!